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My problems are still going to be there even if I go to therapy. So what's the point?

You are totally right.

The stuff that is stressing you out is not going to disappear just because you're in therapy. (I wish I could make the annoying stuff in your life disappear, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet!)

So, what is the point of therapy, then?

Therapists can give you tools to make your pain or suffering not quite as painful. We can make suggestions of ways to deal with really strong emotions so they feel just a little bit more tolerable.

At the very least, just talking to someone about the stuff that's bugging you, can actually make you feel better. I've worked with a lot of teens who didn't believe this at first, but later admitted that it was true. 

Think about it - if you're going through hard stuff, and the hard stuff is going to keep being there, you might as well see if something can make it even a tiny bit better - worth a try, isn't it?

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