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Life is challenging, but you don't have to face it alone...

Speaking with a therapist can help you to manage your emotions, even when things are tough.

Therapy is an opportunity to meet with someone who will accept and support you unconditionally. It’s a space where you can safely discuss your insecurities and worries without feeling shamed or judged.


The therapy office is a space where you can actually

learn to stop judging yourself and to let go of

thought patterns and beliefs that have been holding

you back from experiencing inner peace.

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Did you know...


  • Nearly 12% of adults report regular feelings of worry, nervousness, or anxiety.*

  • Nearly 5% of adults report regular feelings of depression.*

How can therapy help?

Just like doctors have experience treating different types of physical ailments, and car mechanics know a lot about fixing different types of vehicles, mental health professionals are trained to use different approaches to address all types of emotional issues. Talking to a therapist is different than talking to a parent, spouse or even a best friend. That's because a therapist is trained to help you manage your emotions by using different skills, such as mindfulness, activity scheduling, grounding techniques, and others. Therapists use approaches that have been researched and found to be effective. We call these "evidence-based practices". 

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